TPO Roof Overs for Mobile Homes

Mobile Home Roof Over

What is a mobile home roof over?

A mobile home roof over is a great roof replacement option that installs right over an existing roof top of a low-sloped or flat roof such as a manufactured home. Depending on the condition of the existing roof and as long as it's not completely rotted away, we recommend getting a TPO membrane roof over. A roof over can install over a shingle roof or a metal roof; but as mentioned earlier, this depends on the condition of the existing roof. Since the existing roof is used as the foundation for the new mobile home roof replacement, we'll have to make sure that the foundation is properly secured and repaired before we begin the roof over installation. View these past roof over photos to get a idea on what an acceptable existing roof should look like before moving forward. Also, please continue reading below to learn about our step-by-step roof over installation process.

mobile home roof over

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TPO Roofing Contractor Florida (Thermoplastic Polyolefin Roofing)

TPO Roof Over Contractor

Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO) Roof Overs

When it comes to roofing a flat roof or low slope roof for a residential home such as manufactured, modular or mobile home, we highly recommend a TPO membrane roof over. Why? Because TPO roof overs are affordable, durable, energy efficient and last longer than any other flat roof material we've seen on the market. We only use the highest quality thermoplastic polyolefin insulated membrane materials which allows us to offer a limited lifetime warranty. Not only will our roof over products stand the test of time, but you'll also notice huge savings in your energy bill.

Our Roof Over Step by Step Process

We install a Pressure Treated 2x4 build up on perimeter of home and screw it down with 3'' screws every 12''
Step 2
We install a 2'' Double Foiled Faced Insulation Package on the entire roof deck and scew it down with 3'' Hurricane Fasteners.
Step 3
We install a TPO Single Ply membrane that is hurricane anchored down with 3'' hurricane fastners every 12''
Step 4
Next, we install all new TPO one piece corrosion proof vents with removable caps.
Step 5
Then, we attach our custom 16" flashing package to prevent leaking where the carport meets the home.
Step 6
Now, enjoy your energy efficient and maintenance free roof system on your manufactured home with our lifetime warranty on labor and, materials.

TPO Roofs VS Competitors Roofs

Our roof over system is specifically designed and engineered for manufactured homes and low sloped roofs. There are no exposed screws anywhere on top of the roof. Even our vents have no exposed screws they are hot air welded to the roof. Our Roof Over is a true 1 piece blanket of Protection that is hot air welded to ensure no areas for water to leak into your home. We use double foil faced insulation to provide maximum energy efficiency and reflect the radiant heat so our roofs NEVER get hot under any temperature. Our roofs also reduce noise up to 75%.

Aluminum/metal Roof Overs DO NOT COME IN 1 PIECE, they are crimped either every 4 feet or every foot. Aluminum roof over systems are not recommended for manufactured homes or low slope roofs. They’re recommended for 3/12 pitch or steeper due to the fact that they have screws and adhesives on top of the roof exposed to the harsh Florida environment that will crack, rust and fail which creates leaks. Aluminum/metal roofs also tend to get extremely hot in Florida due to the environment. Aluminum/metal roofs are significantly louder.

When TPO is not installed properly it will ripple therefore causing problems with your roof in the future. TPO roof installation is very important and needs to be done properly.

TPO Vents have no exposed screws or adhesives and are hot air welded to make a permanate seal. TPO Vents are corrrosion proof and can never rust. Metal vents rely on screws and adhesives which will fail in Floridas harsh environment.

TPO Flashing is a 1 piece flashing with no seams, caulks, or adhesives. Metal flashing is caulked and seamed ever 10 feet which is bound to fail in Florida's harsh environment.

Our custom Fascia Package covers all the screws and gaps, this gives the roof a clean finished look.

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