Aluminum/metal roof overs DO NOT COME IN ONE PIECE, they are crimped either every 4 feet or every foot. Aluminum roof over systems are not recommended for low slope roofs such as manufactured home roofs. They’re recommended for 3/12 pitch or steeper due to the fact that they have screws and adhesives on top of the roof exposed to the harsh Florida environment that will crack, rust and fail which creates leaks. Aluminum/metal roofs also tend to get extremely hot in Florida due to the environment because some companies do not use foil on their insulation which reflects the radiant heat. Aluminum/metal roofs are significantly louder.

Our roof over system is specifically designed and engineered for manufactured homes and low sloped roofs. There are no exposed screws anywhere on top of the roof. Even our vents have no exposed screws they are hot air welded to the roof. Our Roof Over is a true one piece blanket of Protection that is hot air welded to ensure no areas for water to leak into your home. We use double foil faced insulation to provide maximum energy efficiency and reflect the radiant heat so our roofs NEVER get hot under any temperature. Our mobile home roof over products also reduce noise up to 75%.

Be aware two piece caulked metal vents are not recommended from the TPO Manufacturer to be installed, they recommend a one piece TPO Corrosion Proof Vent.

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